I hear that the best way to write a blog is to have a focus, and find a voice. No, not a vice, a voice! Until that focus crystallizes, I intend to share those delights  i trip over so.. um.. gracefully.

I’m a transplant from the East Coast– the Hudson Valley area of NY–to the West Coast. I made a tremendous life change about 4 years ago, and created a new life.. sometimes kicking and cursing. I’m getting used to rain soaked skies, verdant green, and a slower pace. Seattle is a stone’s throw, and almost every weekend I’ve been grinning my way through exploring it.

Am i a writer? Nope, not by trade, but I’ve discovered that I’d rather be writing than pretty much anything. Some exceptions apply.

Here’s how I (mostly) got the name for this blog- (copied from my very first post in January 2012)

“Tripping the Light Fantastic, besides the amazing visuals it offers, is actually a phrase which originated first with John Milton, from his poem L’Allegro, published in 1645, where he comments on the graceful dancing of the goddess Mirth:

Come and trip it, as you go,
On the light fantastic toe;
And on thy right hand lead with thee
The mountain-nymph, sweet Liberty;

The notion of a dancing goddess of mirth was practically too much for me, coupled with with the idea that I’ve been wanting a colorful container to celebrate the experiences of life, whether they are delightful and fantastic or they are of a more challenging nature. Trippingdelightfantastic!”



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