Am I a writer? Nope, not by trade, but I’ve discovered that I’d rather be writing than pretty much anything, except maybe dancing to the Grateful Dead, or some of their more recent incarnations.

My blog name, “TrippingDelightFantastic”,  besides the amazing visuals it offers, is actually a play on a phrase which originated first with John Milton, from his poem L’Allegro, published in 1645, where he comments on the graceful dancing of the goddess Mirth:

Come and trip it, as you go,
On the light fantastic toe;
And on thy right hand lead with thee
The mountain-nymph, sweet Liberty;

The notion of a dancing goddess of mirth was practically too much for me, coupled with with the idea of creating a colorful container to celebrate the experiences of life, whether they are delightful and fantastic or even those of a more challenging nature.

facebook image_edited_edited

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